To create USB boot, USB rescue we can use DLC Boot software with the ability khổng lồ fix Windows errors, data, drive division, computer partition, ...

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USB boot or versatile USB will help users in many cases such as fixing computer errors, corrupted data, dividing the drive sầu, creating Win install partition, partitioning the hard drive sầu without losing data, creating a ghost tệp tin. With extremely compact device, this powerful USB boot will help you rescue your computer anywhere, without the need for a CD / DVD as before. Currently, there are many software khổng lồ support users to create bootable USB such as Hiren"s BootCD, Rufus tool, or DLC Boot.

DLC Boot is integrated with many features such as support on UEFI boot and LEGACY with FAT32 USB format, tư vấn Mini Win, tools for partitioning non-data loss, driver update tool, . There are many tools Tools on DLC Boot tư vấn rich user needs of users. The following article will guide you how khổng lồ create USB boot using DLC ​​Boot software.

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How khổng lồ use DLC Boot lớn create multi-purpose USB boot

Step 1:

You download DLC Boot software according lớn the link below. Then extract the rar tệp tin with WinRAR, or Zip included in the computer. In the DLC Boot folder, locate the DLC tệp tin. Boot right-cliông xã and select Run as administrator .


Step 2:

Plug the USB into the computer. If there is data in the USB, please transfer all the data. USB here must be at least 2GB. Next, in the DLC Boot main interface, cliông xã on the USB icon at the top of the interface.


A small dialog box appears to select Yes to lớn proceed khổng lồ create a USB boot.


Step 3:

The software will now detect the USB device connected lớn the computer. Select the USB drive sầu on the bad computer press Create lớn proceed lớn create USB boot multipurpose by DLC Boot.


Next, confirm the creation of the multi-purpose USB and delete all data in the USB, clichồng Yes to lớn agree.


Step 4:

Immediately after that, the process of creating USB boot with DLC Boot appeared. This process can take more than 10 minutes so please wait patiently.


When you see the process running to lớn 100% and a message appears as shown below, it means the multi-function USB creation process is complete.


Step 5:

To check the performance of the newly created USB boot, go back to lớn the main interface of the tool and select Other Tools .


Step 6:

Select the USB name then click on Start Qemu Test to conduct the test.


If the picture appears below, it means that USB boot can be used and operated effectively.

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So we have completed the creation of multi-function USB boot with DLC Boot tool. Users need khổng lồ pay attention to lớn boot on UEFI system, USB must be FAT32 format. In the process of use, if the antivi khuẩn program sends a notice, because it detects that there are programs that interfere with the system, you can still use it safely.

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I wish you all success!