Last Day on Earth: Survival is an action, sandbox, zombie, MMO game & it is one of the best action survival Clip games available on Play Store. After playing this game for a week, we have sầu some thoughts which we will giới thiệu in this Review. Let’s get into lớn it.

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The Plot

The Plot of this game is not very lengthy, the game is mix in a post-apocalyptic world where an infection outbreak và destroyed the majority of the human race. This infection turned the humans into lớn zombies who are now trying lớn kill the survivors and as a survivor, your goal is khổng lồ survive sầu và resist against the zombies.

The Gameplay

The game starts where you will find your character in a plot with the small buildings. Here you will find the initial items to lớn start the game, here you can collect a number of items to lớn build the buildings và other stuff. In the maps, you can bởi a lot of things to lớn survive, for example, you can construct an Axe & then use that Axe pháo to lớn chop down the trees lớn build the houses và other structures. Moreover, you can also build the boxes in the house lớn store your food & other items. In short, you can vì chưng a variety of things for your survival và this makes the game more fun to play.


You will also collect the weapons which you will eventually use to kill the zombies & your prey. There are dozens of deadly weapons which you will find và use. Starting from the spear to the modern Glock-17, from classic Skill crusher lớn the advanced Mortar. You can also equip the armor to lớn protect yourself against the zombies but its resistance will decrease as you take the damage from zombies.

In the game, you will also be constructing your transport vehicles which will increase your speed of traveling from place khổng lồ another & also unloông chồng the additional places on the maps. To construct the transport vehicles, you will have to collect its different items & then combine them khổng lồ construct your transports. There is a variety of vehicles available including Chopper, ATV and Zombie Truông xã.


In the game, you will also be collecting a lot of Blueprints which you will eventually use lớn construct the vehicles, furniture, buildings, và weapons modifications. There are more than 119 items available in the blueprint section. You can collect the blueprints by exchanging the points which you get every time your character gets the màn chơi tăng cấp.

In the game, your main goal is the bởi build a good base which you will expvà as you will progress in the game. In this journey, you will also interact with other players around the world. As it is a survival game, you will also have to ensure that you should have sầu enough resource lượt thích food, water etc. to lớn stay alive sầu. Overall, there are a lot of places on the map which you can visit & explore them khổng lồ get the items for crafting. There are also infected jungles which you can visit, where you will encounter the variety of zombies. There are enough challenges available in the game provided that you have sầu the courage to face them.

Another challenge in the gameplay is the inventory management, just like other survival games, you can’t carry everything you find and you will have sầu to lớn pick the things according to lớn your needs. For example, if you are building a house then collecting the electronic items will be useless for you. So, if you want lớn survive in the game then you will have sầu khổng lồ pichồng the right item at the right choice.


The Last Day on Earth: Survival is pretty different from other sandbox games you will find as it tests your survival skills and if you make mistakes then your survival will be difficult. The progress in the game is also not very fast, it will take time khổng lồ collect the resources. Traveling from one place khổng lồ another take the energy points, you can either walk or you can run, both ways consume the energy & energy take some time to refresh. Running consume more points the walking so if you are taking breaks between the play then move your character from one place lớn another through walking, it will take some time & then you can use your character khổng lồ exeđáng yêu the different tasks. The game also includes the in-ứng dụng purchases which make the things easier for you but you can fairly progress in the game without spending the real-world money.

The Controls

The controls are pretty simple in this game, you get the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen along with the Aukhổng lồ button which you can use to automatically collect the resources. There is an attaông chồng button on the right side of the screen with one piông chồng button and sit button. The screen also features the virtual maps on the top right corner which gives you a broader view of the maps & it also points out the direction you are moving as well as the location of the zombies.

The Graphics

The game offers the tower view which makes it much easier khổng lồ see the things around. The environment has good attention to lớn details and vibrant colors. The items also have sầu sufficient details but it is not very good. There are two graphics options available in the game, Low và Ultra. If you want the best graphics then you should use the Ultra Graphics.


Last Day on Earth: Survival is a very good game and it has a lot of content which allows you lớn play the game for months without getting bored. The game has great gameplay with a unique crafting system which makes the game more challenging và fun to play. It also has well-optimized controls & great graphics, the only area where it is lacking is the combat. In our opinion, in combat, there should be some kind of fast animation khổng lồ register the actions. Overall, it is a great game for those who lượt thích survival games with a lot of challenges. We recommkết thúc it.

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How To Install Last Day on Earth: Survival APK with OBB data file

APK install it on your device.Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/zombie.survival.craft.z. Ensure that the OBB tệp tin (main.500558.zombie.survival.craft.z.obb) sits within the zombie.survival.craft.z thư mục.Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod latest 1.19 Android APK

You can install Last Day on Earth: Survival on your Android devices by going to the Google Play Store and suviec.com, respectively. Just download Last Day on Earth: Survival on suviec.com and install it. The game does come with optional in-phầm mềm purchases & some usual ads, but they wouldn’t have sầu too many effects on your gaming experiences. Plus, you can purchase other items later in the game too.