For Windows users who want to lớn upgrade from Windows 10 khổng lồ Windows 11, there is one thing to lớn remember, that is, Windows 11 requires the computer"s boot mode khổng lồ be UEFI. However, some users reported that they have changed the startup mode, but when installing Windows 11, they received an error message saying "Windows cannot be installed khổng lồ this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table."

The user sees this error message because UEFI mode only supports the GPT partition table, and the user"s computer has an MBR partition table. If you have sầu encountered the same problem, the solution is khổng lồ convert the disk from MBR khổng lồ GPT. In the next parts, we will tell you how khổng lồ convert.

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Workable SolutionsStep-by-step Troubleshooting
1. Convert from MBR to GPT with SoftwareRight-cliông chồng the MBR disk that you want to convert and choose "Convert khổng lồ GPT"...Full steps
2. Convert from MBR to lớn GPT using Disk ManagementStep 1. Right-clichồng the Windows icon, choose Disk Management...Full steps
3. Convert from MBR to lớn GPT with Comm& PromptStep 1. Turn off the PC & put in the Windows installation USB...Full steps

Method 1. Convert from MBR lớn GPT for Windows 11 without Data Loss

The first method is the easiest & the most convenient one. You need to apply the third-buổi tiệc nhỏ software - Partition Master. Compared with the Windows built-in disk format conversion tool, the advantage of Partition Master is that it will not cause any data loss. What"s more, the operation is very easy, you can tải về this tool from the button below, & follow our guide khổng lồ see how can you convert from MBR to GPT.

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Step 1. Download và launch Partition Master on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Right-click the MBR disk that you want lớn convert & choose "Convert khổng lồ GPT".


Step 3. After that, find và click the "Exedễ thương 1 Operation" button on the toolbar và choose "Apply" khổng lồ start the conversion.


Method 2. Convert from MBR to GPT using Disk Management

On the Windows computer, users can also use built-in partition management tools lớn convert the disk from MBR khổng lồ GPT. One of the built-in tools is Disk Management. But you should note that you need lớn delete the target disk first, which means you will thua all the data on it. Please make a full backup in advance.

Step 1. Right-cliông chồng the Windows inhỏ, choose Disk Management.


Step 2. In the Disk Management window, right-click the target disk, choose one volume và select "Delete Volume". Repeat this process until you have deleted all the volumes.


Step 3. Now right-click the MBR disk, choose "Convert khổng lồ GPT Disk".


Step 4. When the converting process is finished, your MBR disk is converted to a GPT disk.

Method 3. Convert from MBR khổng lồ GPT with Comm& Prompt

If you have sầu a Windows installation USB, you can convert the disk from MBR lớn GPT during the Windows installation process. But this method would also cause data loss, be careful if you want to lớn apply this method.

Step 1. Turn off the PC and put in the Windows installation USB.

Step 2. Boot the PC from the installation USB.

Step 3. In Windows Setup, press "Shift + F10" to start Command Prompt.

Step 4. Enter the following commvà in order khổng lồ convert the MBR disk khổng lồ GPT:

diskpartmenu diskselect disk 1 (choose the disk you want khổng lồ install Windows on)cleanconvert gptExit

After entering the above sầu commvà, cthua trận the Comm& Prompt và continue the Windows installation.

Windows 11 Minimum Requirements

Apart from the UEFI boot mode and GPT disk style, what else does the new Windows 11 require? Here, we menu the minimum requirements of Windows 11. You can kiểm tra the table below khổng lồ see if your computer is capable of upgrading to Windows 11.

ComponentMinimum Requirements
ProcessorA compatible 64-bit processor (x86-64 or ARM64) with at least 1 GHz cloông xã rate & at least 2 cores
    Memory (RAM)At least 4 GB
Storage SpaceAt least 64 GB
System FirmwareUEFI
SecuritySecure Boot, enabled by default
Trusted Platkhung Module (TPM) version 2.0
Graphics CardCompatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
DisplayHigh definition (720p) display that is greater than 9” diagonally, 8 bits per color channel
Internet connection và Microsoft accountsInternet connection and Microsoft trương mục required khổng lồ complete first-time thiết lập on Windows 11 Home.

Now only users who have sầu entered the Windows Insider program can download và tăng cấp to Windows 11. If you haven"t registered as the Windows Insider, you can refer to lớn this article to tải về and install Windows 11.


Windows 11 Download: How lớn Download and Install Windows 11

How to tải về Windows 11? This article displays the step-by-step guides lớn tải về and Windows 11. Cheông chồng và learn Windows 11 download for PC or máy tính xách tay.


The Bottom Line

The reason why you see the "Windows cannot be installed lớn this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table" is your disk"s partition style is not compatible with the boot mode. If your computer boots in UEFI, then the disk style should be GPT. If your computer boots in BIOS, then the disk style should be MBR.

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The most convenient method for users is lớn convert the disk from MBR khổng lồ GPT using Partition Master. Why we recommend this tool as the first choice is because it"s easy lớn use & has no influence on your disk data. If you prefer the Windows built-in tools, please rethành viên to lớn make a full backup.