Fix iTunes requires service paông xã 1,Here is the tutorial about how to fix iTunes requires service pack 1 problem, we got this problem when we are trying to lớn install iTunes on Windows 7 with low version, we cant install the iTunes on it.

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What is iTunes và its Importance

iTunes is an application that developed on January 9, 2001, By APPLE company. it is because the APPLE devices are too much protected & we cant công nghệ Bluetooth không dây & just cốt truyện everything easily, So they have sầu made an application by the name of iTunes witch vì chưng it easily and safely khổng lồ transfer any kind of files và documents to your APPLE device by your PC. It is a truyền thông media player, truyền thông media library, Internet radio broadcaster, Smartphone device management application and store for your APPLE device.iTunes has updated so we cant install it on our old version of Windows 7 it needs windows service pack 1 or higher then it so I have sầu made the tutorial about how lớn solve sầu it without changing our windows & just in some minutes.

Here is the iTunes download liên kết for your PC below

Fix iTunes requires service paông xã 1

Fix iTunes RequiresService Paông xã 1 Needed

1. Download the iTunes for your pc2. Now press Ctrl+R& write ”REGEDIT ”Then cliông chồng ok.


3. Now you will get theRegistry Editor

4. ExploreHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >SYSTEM >ControlSet001 > Control > Windows


5. Now find theCSDVersion,Doubble tap on it.

6. Make theValue datalớn 300, Press ok and cthất bại theRegistry Editor.


7. Now kiểm tra the windows version by clicking on the Computerproperties,It will be service pack 3 & now you can install iTunes on your windows normally.

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Here are Some More Apps Which Can Transfer Data on APPLE Devices.

By the help of Zapya and Shareit, you can just transfer your data without any problem & you can connecttwo Mobiles, máy tính bảng ipad or iPod, & it can transfer from IOS device lớn Andriod device very easily without connecting it lớn your PC.Here are the Download liên kết for your device.Shareit for PCShareit for Mobile