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Windows will show “not genuine” messages if your copy of Windows isn’t properly activated. Product activation is necessary so that Microsoft knows that you obtained Windows legally and to lớn limit the number of computers the same sản phẩm key is used on.

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A number of other things beyond error messages might happen if you don"t fix the "Windows is not genuine" problem. If your copy of Windows isn’t activated, your computer might log you out every hour, or reboot occasionally, or give sầu you a permanent blaông xã desktop, or even prsự kiện you from installing some Windows updates.

What the Error Looks Like

The error is different depending on the Windows version. For example, when Windows 7 Build 7601 isn’t genuine, you’ll see this error:

You’ll probably also get occasional pop-ups or see messages in other parts of Windows. Here are some examples:"Windows is not genuine." "Cliông xã this message to lớn learn how khổng lồ get genuine.""Activate Windows" "Go to lớn Settings khổng lồ activate Windows.""The copy of Windows you are using does not pass genuine validation.""Activate Windows now" "The activation period has expired. Clichồng this message khổng lồ start activation.""This copy of Windows is not genuine." "You may be a victim of software counterfeiting.""This copy of Microsoft Windows is not genuine." "Your copy of Microsoft Windows must be validated as genuine.""This computer is not running genuine Windows" "To use Windows without interruption, this computer needs lớn be running genuine Windows.""You must activate today." "Activate Windows now"

Why You’re Seeing This Error

The most likely reason for an error like “This copy of Windows is not genuine” is because it’s legitimately not genuine! This will happen if you’ve sầu installed Windows without a valid sản phẩm key và now the operating system, probably after a Windows Update, is letting you know.

How khổng lồ Fix ‘Windows Is Not Genuine’

There are several things you can try khổng lồ fix the “Windows is not genuine” message but which one is best khổng lồ try depends on your situation và what you"re seeing so read through the various tactics below before getting started.

Enter a Valid Product Key

If this is your first time using your computer since you installed Windows, but you haven’t yet entered the sản phẩm key, the best way lớn stop this error is lớn enter your product key to activate Windows.

You can change your Windows sản phẩm key through Control Panel in Windows 10, 8, 7, & Vista. Changing the Windows XP product key is done through the registry.

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Another way lớn enter a different hàng hóa key in Windows is through the Run dialog box. Open it with WIN+R and then enter the following:

Rephối the License Information

This fix for “Windows is not genuine” errors resets the information used lớn activate Windows. If the information is valid but somehow corrupted, this should remove the error.