Catch most lively fishes in the sea, with a wide choice of fishing tackle. A dear diary is there to keep your daily fishing record. Start an exciting fishing trip now!
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Game Overview

Fishing Diary was created by DroidHen, the top developer according to lớn Google. Prepare to lớn embark on an exhilarating fishing adventure. Take in the beauty of the undersea world while catching fish. There are many stunning and unusual underwater scenes in this game that thoroughly enthrall the player. You won’t be able to lớn stop playing this game after you’ve sầu seen the gorgeous locations. In this game, you’ll find a broad variety of fish. Manta Rays, Sharks, Jellyfish, và even Mermsida can be caught. Some of the fish are quite powerful và quichồng.

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You’ll have sầu lớn work more to catch them, but they’ll reward you more. You have a lot of valuable and powerful gear. Use your equipment to lớn capture a variety of fish. Your daily fishing records are kept in your cherished diary. Get limitless coins in Fishing Diary MOD APK, which you can use khổng lồ buy anything in the game.

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Fishing Diary MOD APK Features

Underwater Kingdom

Travel to the underwater world with its weird & unique residents to lớn catch the most exotic fish in Fishing Diary (mod: limitless coins). A wide arsenal, including weapons and deep-sea munitions, will aid you in completing the objective sầu. However, bear in mind that each marine resident requires a unique strategy – some, for example, are flawlessly shot from cannons, while others are too quiông chồng to avoid.

Fill your Aquarium

The goal of the game is lớn complete various activities in order khổng lồ fill your aquarium with a large number of fish. You can capture fish, play with them on the playground, & decorate your aquarium with various objects purchased. While you run out of food, you’ll have sầu to go out và buy some lớn keep playing the game when you’re bored at home page or at work. There are many different types of fish for sale, và you’ll need them all to complete your collection. As a result, if players bởi vì not spover real money on this game, there is a restriction khổng lồ how many times they can return.

Exploring Ways

Fishing Diary is today’s most popular and entertaining game, attracting a large number of players… Fishing Diary, Mouse Mice, Zoo Matches, & 777 Slot are some of the most popular active & amusing games available at supermarkets and play centers. The most well-known is the Fishing Diary.Fishing Diary has also become a business, and fishing tables can be found almost anyplace. At the same time, Fishing Diary is becoming a profitable business, since the gaming community is always looking for new ways khổng lồ interpret the game’s algorithms, even as many individuals get older and earn a lot of money.

Raise Your Level

This game will allow you to lớn have a good time while doing something you enjoy. As you gain points for each one, your màn chơi will improve. Fishing Diary Mod Akungfu is a thrilling and entertaining game. There is plenty of fish lớn catch. Bombs can be launched at specific locations. Only a small portion of the explosive sầu will be with you. As you finish each quest, it will increase. These bombs are available for purchase with real money.

Different Sea Creatures

Fishing Diary is a chất lượng & entertaining fishing game in which you must use a cannon to lớn fire a net inkhổng lồ the water and catch as many fish as possible. In fact, you have sầu over ten different types of cannons to catch fish with. Fishing Diary’s gameplay is straightforward: you have a cannon at the bottom of the screen that you may fire in any direction simply tapping anyplace. You’ll catch any fish or other sea creatures that are in the vicinity.

Initially, you’ll simply observe sầu different types of fish, but as time goes on, you’ll see a variety of sea creatures in Fishing Diary. Manta rays, sharks, enormous jellyfish, and even mermsida have been spotted in the area. However, capturing all of these species isn’t easy, & you’ll almost always require the help of some of the quality things you’ll discover along the way.

Fishing Diary is a basic but enjoyable casual game. As you finish missions and gain money, you can shoot nets indefinitely and watch the screen fill with beautiful colors.

Tips To Play

Tips for beginners

You can tune the power from left to lớn right to lớn regulate it. The higher the number, the more powerful the attaông xã will be, và the more coins will be required.If you’re running out of coins, don’t use too much.Patience và timing are essential.Always go for a school of fish rather than a single fish.The descent power you may use lớn kill seashells and clownfish is 6power.Always be patient when completing a quest.Always make good use of your stuff; don’t throw it away only lớn finish a task.

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Key Features

9 cannons with varying power and speedDetonate a bomb lớn capture all of the fish in the vicinity.Place a slice of bread in the middle of the pond to attract all of the little fish.Use an electric shoông xã khổng lồ stun all nearby fishes.Capture as many fish as you can lớn turn your cannon into a laser launcher.Mermaids are aware of the location of the sunken treasure. You’ll have to lớn catch them to lớn find out.Bullhead sharks are believed to bring good fortune. See how they vị it by catching them.Fish migrate in groups và lines every now & again. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get a good haul.Every time you màn chơi up, you get a reward shell.The bonus stage has hidden items.When you run out of coins, auto online/offline coin regeneration kicks in.

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