Rethành viên that old wireframe-graphics arcade game from the "80s called Battlezone? Ever wonder what it would be like if it were top-down and had more than one tank? Well here"s my answer: C&C: Battlezone!This total-conversion project, begun in May 2009, is just for single and multiplayer skirmish; there is no campaign to speak of. It"s fast intense wireframe simulation combat in the air & on land between ground forces and bases.Skirmish modes include Classic Mode: only units straight out of the arcade game are buildable; Standard Mode: Two tank types, infantry, aircraft, and base defenses are buildable; và Advanced Mode: Infantry can garrison neutral structures across the custom-made maps, và new units are buildable, such as Gunships & APCs.The AI is also a challenge even on easy, making good use of rush và flank attacks.The project also includes ten all-original soundtracks and many specially-crafted maps.

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You will choose from Gunboats, Destroyers, and Cruisers in your dominance of the wireframe seas. Transport ships will come in handy on island-hopping maps to lớn get that last Exchange building.

Gunboat screenshot

Destroyer screenshot

The other vessels are in the kiến thiết phase right now, so more to lớn come as they are completed.

BZ 0.60 Alpha chơi Game Demo VideoAug 26 2010News 3 comments

Longer và less blurry than the first đoạn Clip. Better shows available units and demonstrates newly-created unit voice-overs.

Battlezone 0.59 Available for DownloadJul 16 2010News

Development continues, but the BhoM has something for you to lớn chew on in the mean time.

EconomyOct 12 2010Feature 3 comments

Battlezone replaces the old ore-grabbing economy system of YR with strategically placed fund-generating structures of varying worth.

Unit/Defense Structure ListJul 17 2010Feature 1 comment

List of available units & defense structures & which modes they will be utilized.

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C&C: Battlezone 0.59 BetaJul 17 2010Demo 2 comments

The lakiểm tra released version as of this writing, .59 Beta features complete soundtrachồng listing, complete unit listing, and 90%-complete Advanced Mode...

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