When you start an Office tiện ích that"s not activated, you"ll be prompted to sign in to Office. You can activate Microsoft Office with a sản phẩm key or a associated Microsoft tài khoản. We assume that you have sầu an unlicensed copy of Microsoft Office installed on your computer. This article shares several ways to lớn activate Office on a Windows PC. Follow the correct instructions according khổng lồ your situation.

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Option 1: Sign in to Activate Office with a Microsoft Account

If you have already purchased a license or just reinstalled Office on a new computer, you don’t need any product keys. Instead, all you need lớn do is log in with the same Microsoft tài khoản you used when you purchased the license. This is a simpler & safer way to lớn activate a copy of Office. By doing this, you vày not need khổng lồ maintain the hàng hóa key anywhere.

Step 1: Open any Office application. (Word, Excel, etc.)

Step 2: A pop-up window will prompt you khổng lồ log in, cliông chồng the "Sign In" button.


Alternatively, you can go khổng lồ File > Account > Product Activation.

Step 3: Enter the credentials of the Microsoft tài khoản khổng lồ which the Office license is bound.

Option 2: Activate Office Using Office Activation Wizard Over the Internet

The Office Activation Wizard appears when you start an Office program that has not been activated. Verify you have sầu Internet access and verify that Windows is activated. Start any Office application khổng lồ restart the Office Activation wizard và select "I want to activate the software over the Internet", and then select Next or use the Enter key on your keyboard. Follow the prompts lớn complete the activation process.


Or when you can’t activate the hàng hóa, you can tương tác Microsoft Support & activate the product by telephone. The Microsoft Office activation process is very simple and safe.

See also: Get help with activating Office using the Activation wizard.

Option 3: Activate Office with Product Key

If you purchased an Office License from an authorized retailer or online store, you must receive a sản phẩm key. The office can be activated directly via the product key. However, it"s best lớn associate the hàng hóa key with your tài khoản before logging in with the same account. To bởi vì this, you can follow the steps below.

Make sure you have sầu the sản phẩm key ready with you.

Step 1: Go to office.com/setup. Sign in using your Microsoft account.

Step 2: Now, enter the 25-character long hàng hóa key, as described earlier.


Step 3: Choose your country & your language. Cliông chồng on Next.

Step 4: After that, you will be redirected to lớn the Microsoft services và subscription page.

Step 5: Find the sản phẩm you just activated và cliông chồng on Install khổng lồ tải về the thiết lập.


Step 6: Run the thiết lập to install Office on your computer.

Step 7: When prompted, sign in with the same Microsoft Account.


If you have sầu already installed Office. You can just sign in by going to lớn File > Account > Product Activation. This process was one time only, and the license is now associated with your trương mục. You bởi vì not need lớn keep its hàng hóa key, because it will always appear in your Microsoft tài khoản.

Option 4: Activate MS Office 2019-2010 without Product Key

The following are the steps to lớn activate Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 for free without installing any software or any hàng hóa key. Requirements: Internet connection & notepad application.

Step 1: Create a new text document by right-clicking the Desktop, select New > Text Document > Press Enter.

Step 2: Check the direct link given below và then copy & paste the code script there into Notepad.

Step 3: Save the file in .cmd extension (ex: ActivateOffice2019.cmd). Set the save sầu as type to all files.


Step 4: Right-clichồng the saved file "ActivateOffice2019.cmd" và select khổng lồ run as administrator.

Step 5: Wait for a while lớn activate the Office app.


Congratulations! Your Microsoft Office has been activated successfully.

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You can kiểm tra if Microsoft Office 2019 has been successfully activated by going to File > Account. The activation status of the program is visible under the heading "Product Information". If is displayed the "Product Activated", it means that you have a valid licensed copy of Microsoft Office.