May is about to lớn end, but our ☄️ home No More ☄️ story has just begun!Remember, the cycle of event Islands has changed. Event Islands will now reward you with existing Legendary dragons—perfect for filling any missing gaps in your Dragonbook! In order lớn obtain a brand-new Legendary dragon, you can participate in the sự kiện Islands each week to collect special items và progress in the weekly collection.Check out the June Events Calendar to lớn discover all the upcoming event Islands and the new dragon for each week!

23 May - 3 June: Home No More - Heroic Race

New dragon: High Mayday Dragon

30 May - 6 June: Home No More - Ecosystem

Collection dragon: Ecosystem Dragon

Exclusive collectible: Radiation Mask

30 May - 3 June: Grid Island

3 June - 6 June: Fog Island

3 June - 6 June: Runner Island

6 June - 13 June: Home No More - Pterasoul

Collection dragon: Pterasoul Dragon

Exclusive collectible: Toaster Battery

6 June - 10 June: Maze Island

6 June - 10 June: Puzzle Island

10 June - 13 June: Fog Island

10 June - 13 June: Runner Island

13 June - trăng tròn June: trang chủ No More - Asteroid

Collection dragon: Asteroid Dragon

Exclusive collectible: Asteroid Piece

13 June - 17 June: Maze Island

17 June - đôi mươi June: Tower Island

13 June - 27 June: Heroic Marathon

Featured dragon: Surprise