We often get asked ‘Can I uninstall Hãng sản xuất Intel Prophối Wireless Software?’ Answer: No. It contains drivers needed for your WiFi adapter.

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What is the Hãng Intel Proset Wireless Software?

“Hãng Intel Promix Wireless Software” enables you khổng lồ configure settings on your PC, including those related to lớn wireless connectivity. This software automatically detects available networks & allows you to lớn manage them through a variety of settings. You can also use this software lớn monitor the status of a connection và see how much data is being transferred at any given time. As such, enter the Windows Store & tải về Hãng Intel PROSet/Wireless Software . This is a miễn phí phầm mềm for Windows 8 và up. Keep in mind that installing the software will also install other files on your suviec.computer as well (some of which are required for the software lớn run), so be sure khổng lồ monitor how much disk space is being used.

Installing Hãng Intel PROSet/Wireless Software will not take long, & using it is quite easy as well. Simply select your desired network from the các mục of available connections, then choose what you want lớn vị with that network (e.g., connect automatically or require a password). A connection ibé will now appear in your system tray, showing data transfer rates over time as well as wireless signal strength & the number of connected devices. You can click this ibé at any point later on khổng lồ bring up a window with more detailed information related to that specific connection.

“Hãng sản xuất Intel Proset Wireless Software” is an intuitive sầu PC tiện ích that makes it easy lớn get your wireless adapter running.

Quichồng và simple installation

It can take a while for you lớn phối up your Hãng sản xuất Intel wireless adapter from scratch, but the process does not have lớn be time-consuming at all if you use this tool. It will automatically detect whatever network adapter is installed on your suviec.computer and start downloading driver updates, suviec.completely ready for use in a matter of minutes. When you cliông chồng “Finish,” an icon will appear in your system tray, giving you quichồng access lớn the program interface should you need it later on. Some basic information related to lớn your mạng internet connection is visible here as well should you ever want to check it out during a tốc độ demo or something like that.


“Hãng Intel Prophối Wireless Software” saves you from the tedious process of manually finding and installing these updates one by one, saving you a lot of time if have more than one suviec.computer khổng lồ keep up with. With this tool, it is possible to lớn find all necessary driver updates in just minutes or hours depending on how large your updates queue currently is.

A new feature that many people will enjoy is the ability lớn share network profiles with friends và family members. This means that you can vì chưng things lượt thích mix up public wireless profiles for guests without worrying about setting up login passwords or anything along those lines which could result in security problems later on down the road. Of course, for network profiles created specifically for certain users, you are still free lớn create svào passwords as needed.

Hãng Intel Promix Wireless is an app that allows users simple access lớn their wireless networks via the taskbar without needing khổng lồ open up a browser or any other third buổi tiệc ngọt application. It provides quiông chồng access lớn Intel My WiFi as well as network information such as name of network, what connection type it’s using, và more. Additionally, with accelerated performance drivers available through the program it will also boost your PC’s speed which can be very helpful if you’re running older hardware where speeds are limited by things like bad drivers or outdated hardware/drivers which may have sầu not been updated in several years.

So how vì chưng you get this update? Simple, just visit the Hãng Intel website and tải về either Proset Wireless version 14 or 15 depending on which bit-type you’re running (32 bit vs 64 bit).

Do note however that in order lớn work this software requires an Internet connection. If there is no active sầu connection available it will not load any wireless networks so It’s igiảm giá lớn have the program before traveling away from trang chính or attempting lớn use it away from a WiFi hotspot since many of us will likely not want internet access at all times. Fortunately it does give you the option of using offline mode where previously saved profiles can be accessed for quick use without needing an active sầu mạng internet connection.


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How effective sầu is this software?

Well that depends on your router/connection type but I’ve personally had very good results with it picking up even hidden networks & connecting to them easily. It’s also suviec.compatible with my Android device so I can select my PC as an access point when on the road if necessary.

The only suviec.complaints I have is that sometimes it will piông chồng up too many networks in small areas, especially multiple routers broadcasting on the same channel, but this isn’t a big issue since you can filter out most of them by simply refreshing your list once or twice. The other suviec.complaint is that it takes time after reboot for this software to lớn discover wireless signals; however there are workarounds where you simply connect using another method (LAN cable) & then use the connection wizard in Windows 7 to configure-wireless connections which will make the system aware of the available signals.

The software is easy enough to use where all you have to lớn bởi is select your desired access point name & enter a password if necessary, then click connect. The program will create a profile for that destination which can be modified later as well as phối it as a priority connection. Once the suviec.computer has been successfully connected by this program, Windows should automatically switch between connections as need (if there are two or more present) but you can also manually switch-connections from within the network & sharing center in control panel via wired or wireless networks danh sách. It’s simple; we’ve always got one foot out the door và we never know what kind of internet situation we’ll find ourselves in, but with this tool you’ll always be ready to lớn go.

How to install Hãng Intel Promix Wireless Software?

At the end of the installation, a window will pop-up asking you if you wish to lớn install a wireless network utility. Cliông xã on “Install” & then cliông chồng “Finish”. Once the suviec.computer has restarted, open “Network Connections” from control panel. Right clichồng your desired connection & select properties. Clichồng on the “Sharing” tab và check off “”Allow other network users lớn connect through this suviec.computer’s Internet Connection”” option in order lớn nội dung your internet with others or unkiểm tra it in order khổng lồ not do so. If this is unchecked, they won’t be able lớn access anything but files on your suviec.computer (và not even all files).

When you’re done setting up sharing and/or installing the new wireless utility(s) on your suviec.computer, click “OK”.

In Windows 7, this option is found under the “Network và Internet” section of control panel. Click on it lớn open it up. Under the “Network và Sharing Center” you’ll see a thực đơn with several options – one of which being “Set up a new connection or network”, so cliông xã that. Windows 7 will then attempt to find available networks in range – just select yours from the danh sách when it suviec.comes up và enter your password if necessary. Once done, kiểm tra off “”Connect to a more preferred network if available”” & then cliông xã “Next”. A new window will pop up containing two tabs – clichồng on the second tab, which is titled “Connection”. Here you’ll see the list of wireless networks that your suviec.computer is currently connected to – all you need to lớn vì somehow figure out whether or not one of them says “enabled” under the “Connect automatically” column.

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If it’s enabled, then there’s a chance that this public network you’re connected to lớn hasn’t implemented password protection yet. If so, no worries – just go ahead và select the network in the danh mục and click “Remove”.