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This article I will guide you in detail how Create a fully functional USB BOOT, & this is an improvement that author TranDuyLinch shared with the community. I will guide the most in detail (in pictures) lớn create a fully functional USB BOOT and tư vấn the new UEFI computers lớn ensure you will be satisfied.

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Table of Contents

I. How lớn create a fully functional USB BOOTII. Computer rescue tools are integrated in DLC BOOT3 / UPDATE BOOT năm 2016 DLC version (Full instruction)

I. How khổng lồ create a fully functional USB BOOT

Tools need lớn prepare

1 / A USB> 2GB, preferably 4GB và above sầu.

2 / UltraISO virtual disc creation software. (Download / Link backup / Link FshareThen proceed khổng lồ install on the machine first.

3 / Download the DLC BOOT rescue tool.

Note: You can choose one of the following versions!

+ Version 2013

Note: To download Mega links, please install more Mega utility This is a utility on Google Chrome. Or simply you can see tips khổng lồ download Mega link by IDM or by support tools here!

+ Version 2015

+ năm 2016 version

Information: DLC Boot năm 2016 version 3.2 Build 160727 —- capađô thị ~ 1.8GB

+ Version 2017

DLC Boot 2017 3.4 —- capacity ~ 2.32GB

II. Computer rescue tools are integrated in DLC BOOT




What’s special about this năm 2016 BOOT DLC?Support boot on all current standards and specifically Boot on UEFI, LEGACY.Support booting from USB, HDD BOOT, LAN, Android.Integrated Windows 10 32bit và 64bit.Integrated Mini Windows XPhường extracted from Hiren’s BootCD 15.2, has been built và optimized extremely standard.Full integration of rescue tools from simple to advanced.There are many other features that have been added & updated.


The kích thước of this version is quite heavy (1.7 GB), but it is very complete and has been packaged into lớn a single iso file so it is easy khổng lồ use and store.

Download DLC BOOT năm nhâm thìn – professional computer rescue

Note: Download links in preparation (beginning of article)

Tips: You can watch the đoạn Clip on how to create a bootable usb version năm 2016 & some basic instructions here.

Integrated Window installer inkhổng lồ USB DLC BOOT 2016

There are many of you have asked yourself how to lớn add Windows installer khổng lồ USB BOOT created with DLC BOOT năm nhâm thìn.

In my opinion, there is no need to integrate và do anything, you just need to copy the entire Windows installation you want into that USB BOOT, then into lớn Mini Windows khổng lồ install Win extremely simple, fast the reset is even faster. But if you still want to lớn integrate more, it’s fine, you bởi vì the following:

+ Step 1: Download the Module of the Windows version you want lớn integrate, for example if you want lớn integrate the Windows 10 installer, download the tệp tin with the corresponding name. You are here to tải về.

+ Step 2: Download the Windows installer tệp tin you want lớn integrate. You are here to download the original installer from Microsoft.

+ Step 3: Select the last icon on the right Dos Soft Manager & Win Soft Manager depending on whether you add the Module running on Windows or DOS-based.

+ Step 4: Cliông xã on the three blocks icon, choose to file Module 7z => this time the program will automatically integrate for you, please wait a little bit because the process takes place a bit.

+ Step 5: Select the path to the Windows installation file you want khổng lồ integrate.

Tips: Watch the Clip on how to integrate the Windows installer module: See here !

4 / UPDATE BOOT 2017 DLC version (Full instruction)

Note: Download link in preparation (at the beginning of the article, in the preparation tool section)

Video tutorial on creating DLC ​​BOOT 2017 with hidden partition.

Video tutorial on creating DLC ​​BOOT 2017 with normal partition.

5 / UPDATE 2019 BOOT DLC version (Full instruction)

DLC BOOT 2019 version already exists, I have a separate article for this version. You can see detailed instructions in this article:


So I have sầu very detailed instructions for you how khổng lồ create bootable usb with DLC BOOT 2013, năm ngoái, năm nhâm thìn và 2017 already. I am still using the 2013 version and I feel quite complete, depending on your needs.

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The article is so long, but the way to lớn vày it is extremely simple. I write them together for you to follow.

Choosing any version is also good, depending on your needs, let’s use it ? Wish you success!

Kien Nguyen –> Create USB BOOT

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