When it’s about Video Editor Software for PC either the Software needs practice & money to lớn buy. But Việt Nam Video Editor for PC is one of those apps that are easy to use & miễn phí of cost.

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There are some premium features in đất nước hình chữ S Video Editor if you want them you can purchase the in ứng dụng items in cả nước Editor.

But lots of people prefer lớn tải về nước ta Editor Mod Ahành động because it gives full access & is miễn phí khổng lồ download & use, but rethành viên When Something is Free then you Are the Product.


Quick Video Guide for toàn nước Video Editor

How khổng lồ Download VN Video Editor on PC without Bluestack?

If you are one of those who don’t lượt thích to install Bluestaông xã on your PC just fine!!! I have 2 different methods by using them you can enjoy nước ta Video Editor for PC without installing the Bluestachồng Emulator on your PC.

Method 1: Using Other Android Emulator

Step 1: First tải về the Andy Emulator on your PC.Step 2: Then Setup your Play Store Account with your Email ID.Step 3: Visit Google Play Store & tìm kiếm for Việt Nam Video Editor and Install it.Step 4: Once the VN Video Editor is installed open and start using it.

Method 2: Using Android OS as Secondary OS

Step 1: First Download và Install Phoenix OS as secondary OS on your PC.Step 2: Then boot your PC in Phoenix OS. You can use any Android App Here.Step 3: Setup your Play Store with your Email ID.Step 4: Now open the Google Play Store & tìm kiếm for đất nước hình chữ S Video Editor & Install it on your PC.Step 5: Once the VN Video Editor is installed on your PC. mở cửa the ứng dụng và start using it.

toàn nước Video Editor Features:

Here are some features that make nước ta Video Editor my favorite video editor on điện thoại & PC. I just love making cinematic videos here, you can edit the đoạn Clip just like any Movile scene.

If you are new to đất nước hình chữ S Video Editor – Watch this Tutorial Playdanh mục for Begineer

Basic Level FeaturesZoom in Zoom Out TimelinesPicture in Picture TransactionTransition Effects between each FrameMusic và Special Effect in Audio TrackSplit, Cut, and Duplicate framesAutoSave sầu draft your Project & reuse it any timeProfessional Video Editor FeaturesMultiple Keyframes timeline featureMultilayer Frames for Video maskingSpeed Curves for slow or Fast Motion effectGreen Screen/Croma keyerKeyframe Animation for micro editing the single frame.21 Transition Effects for Merging videos60+ Video Filters khổng lồ change the Scene LookYou can Add Title, Sub Title, or Video Credits in Text.

9 Video Editing Tips in toàn quốc Video Editor for PC:

Here are some cool tips if you want lớn make any B-Roll, Cinematic, or Prewedding or wedding Shoot đoạn Clip. I especially like these tips while editing the Clip in toàn quốc Video Editor.

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Use a Proper Video Sequence so you can create a proper đoạn Clip story.Use Video Filters accordingly for example Redish filters for sunset scenes, xanh filters for sky frames, green filters for nature videos, etc.Always mute all đoạn phim sound và add separate Audio Tracks khổng lồ reduce Noisy sound.Use the Transition Audio effect if there is any in the đoạn phim focus on each action in the đoạn phim and give it a sound.Try Slow Motion & Fast Motion using the Time Curve sầu in the toàn nước Editor to make it look better than normal speed.Try to lớn Avoid the Inbuilt Video Transition Effects as they don’t look professional.Learn B-Roll và Cinematic Video Tips & apply them while Shooting so you will get easy work khổng lồ vì chưng while editing the video.You can use Green Screen to lớn replace your Background with any Moving Scenes.Experiment with your ideas you can vì chưng a lot more if you can imagine your Clip output.